Wizkid Chooses Fela Kuti Against Bob Marley Says I’m Ready To Work With Upcoming Artistes

Ayodeji Ibrahim Balogun, known as Wizkid, was at the online radio, Red Radio, where he had a hang out with the radio host.

On your new album ‘Made In Lagos’. What is the inspiration behind the low melody of the album.

Wizzy: That’s actually a great question. You know when I make music is almost like I’m painting a picture. When I make album I see it like I’m painting a mood for people to feel and with Covid-19 going on in the world, I feel like it’s very important to have this kind of music out to the world at this time. You know, before we were all jumping around the club and you can listen to all of those kind of music, but it comes to when you want to chill, thank God for family, you hang out by the beach at night and in the morning. Everything different from club there are certain kind of music you listen to

It’s very important for me to put a body of work that actually makes people feel something, and not just to dance in the club. I want people to play my album even on Sundays, that’s kind of album I need to give, and I’m very happy that people love the music and thankful for the fans.

Which one is your favourite track in your new album, what track touches you the most in your album

Wizzy: I’ll say it’s Blessed featuring Damian Marley – that was a very spiritual session.

What’s your feel about the young and upcoming artistes, are you thinking of doing any collaboration with any of them

Wizzy: Yes, one thousand percent. Omaley has made music with me, and I’ve been working with everyone.

What’s the next project, what are we expecting next

Every time I make a project, I try to elevate the art, elevate the music, elevate the sound so definitely this is going to be like elevation of music, just the continuation of Made in Lagos. If you listen to my albums from Superstar to Ayo, there’s a growth, there’s a progression, and I love to maintain that at my own pace making amazing music. I’m soaking in energy now everywhere I go, and I’m working on that album too.

Amala or pounded yam
Wizzy: Amala

Messi or Ranaldo
Wizzy: Ah, I don’t watch football [laugh] Ronaldo

Who will you bring back to life, Fela Kuti or Bob Marley
Wizzy: Fela Kuti

Money or Fame
Wizzy: Money

Will you save money for later or live for the moment
Wizzy: save money for later

Entrepreneurship or Paid Employment
Wizzy: Entrepreneurship

Pay with Cash or with Card
Wizzy: Pay with cash

Mercedes Benz or BMW
Wizzy: Mercedes Benz

Nikky or Cardi B
Wizzy: Nikky

Who’s Your favourite designer
Wizzy: My tailor

One thing you’re tired of
Wizzy: I’m tired of traffic

Wine or spirit
Wizzy: wine

What’s your crib tonight
Wizzy: my kids

International women’s day comes up on 8th March, say something

Wizzy: I’ve always said that women are God in human form, and I’m sending message out there appreciating all the women, every mother, every sister, every child, every grandmother as long as you’re a woman. I’m wishing you all the best in life. We do appreciate you, we may have strong-headed of that women, but we do appreciate your existence, and you’re beautiful women.

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