Why Vice President, Kamala Harris, Wears Purple Coat By John Rogers At The Inauguration

The in-coming US Vice President, Kamala Harris, was seen yesterday at the inauguration ground looking sparking and beautiful with her purple-coloured coat from Christopher John Rogers.

She matched the dress with pearls by Puerto Rica – American designer, Wilfredo Rosado, round her neck to fit for the day.

The Vice President chose the colour in recognition of the 2020 Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA) America Emerging Designer of the Year, Christopher John Rogers, who’s a young black American fashion designer.

Rogers once told critics about his colour style, when he told NPR: “I don’t think that wearing hot pink and ruffles or bright yellow, or a really intense blue in shapes that take up space make you any less intelligent.

He added: “I don’t think that the way that you dress should make you sacrifice your personality, or your point of view, or necessarily say anything about your intelligence.

Rogers who founded his New York label in 2016, was raised in Baton Rouge and studied fashion at the Savannah College of Art ad Design.

Rogers got the inspiration of the monochromatic dressing when attending church services with his grandmother on Sundays.

He said: “There was a big emphasis on head-to-toe monochromatic dressing,” Rogers says. “So, if the jacket [was] red the skirt was red, the bag was red, the hat was red — or green, or violet, or marigold. That sense of color and the taking up of space with hue really inspired me.”

It’s worth of note that her dressing demonstrated a commitment to celebrate American designers, which is something that hasn’t been seen from the White House since Michelle Obama’s tenure as First Lady.

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