Ugandans have come on air to discuss the upcoming MTVMAMA to be held in Kampala the Ugandan capital.

The discussion segment which was aired on NBS TV saw Demo Riley, Navio and Imran Kaaya being hosted by Robert Sekidde alias Tuff B.

Navio on his part support the hosting of the event by Uganda so as to encourage and motivate the young artistes.

He said: “I’m rooting for us to host the #MTVMAMA because am tired of seeing fellow musicians starve. No one gave me a helping hand when i was starting out, so don’t let our young artistes suffer by pushing to boycott the event.

He added that it’s right time for Uganda to host the event.

“It’s a right time for us to host the #MTVMAMA. If you’re on a mission to hunt and kill the rats in your house, do you have to burn down the house? The house should be spared, ” – he stated.

Demo Riley explained that the time is not right for Uganda to host MTVMAMA as the whole event has been politcized and people will have divergent opinions based on their political state of mind.

He said: “The timing for #MTVMAMA is not right, and it’s unfortunate that some people have politicized the event in the sense that those who defend it are seen as NRM apologists and those are calling for the boycott are seen as People Power.

“When politic comes in some people will judge based on emotion and not logic.

Imran Kaaya on his side believes that it’s not the right time for Uganda to host the event even in a year’s time, as Uganda is not ready for the stage that MTVMAMA is and the pressure of that hosting such event cannot be curtained by Ugandans.

He said: “Uganda is not ready for the stage that #MTVMAMA is, we can’t handle the pressure that comes with that event.

“We enjoy our music, but Africa is not ready to enjoy it.”

Rapper Navio dwelled on the criteria that they consider before nominating a musician in the prestigious #MTVMAMA and said that you get nomination on the quality of music you produce, your channel of marketing it, and how popular your music is, because the nomination covers the entire Africa music consideration with laid down cirteria.

Contrarily, Kaaya said that the contention is the nomination of artiste without a hit-song in the last five years.

The Ugandan will see the MTVMAMA coming up live in February despite the unsettled political environment in the country, and the ravaging Covid-19 pandemic.



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