Tanya Roberts, Charlie’s Angels actress, still alive

Tanya Roberts, Charlie’s Angels actress

Tanya Roberts, Charlie’s Angels actressTanya Roberts, Charlie’s Angels actress, whose death was reported days ago by CNN and other media houses as claimed my her logtime friend, Mikel Pingel, is still alive, Pimgel told CNN.

Pingel said he was notified Sunday evening by Tanya Roberts’ partner, Lance O’Brien, that Roberts had died.

It was a mix up when Lance O’Brien thought Roberts would not make it out of the hospital.

In a phone call on Monday evening, O’Brien told CNN he was distraught after saying goodbye to Roberts at her bedside and left Cedars-Sinai Medical Center believing it would be the last time he saw her.

But in the morning of same day, O’Brien was notified by the hospital that Roberts is still alive, according to Pingel and O’Brien. They said it was a coincidence that O’Brien was doing an interview with Inside Edition when the hospital called.

“I’m so happy,” O’Brien told Inside Edition when he got the call.

Roberts was hospitalized in Los Angeles on Thursday, December 24, 2020 after she collapsed at her California home following a walk with her dogs. She remains in critical condition, according to Pingel and O’Brien.

She is over 30 years in the television and film industry and she became popular in the role she played in 1970s television series, Charlie’s Angels.

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