The iconic broacaster Larry King

The iconic broacaster Larry King

Marriage is a union between a man and a woman and whatever comes through the marriage should be shared by both in the spirit of for better for worse.

Larry King, the iconic broadcaster, has been in and out of marriage many times for different reasons.

The highly rated and award winning 87 years interviewer is a man to many women with a record of eight marriages.

Currently married to Shawn Southwick King since 1997 and the two have Cannon – 20 years, and Chance – 19 years, together.

So, who are the seven ex-wives of Larry King:

1. Freda Miller
His first wife was Freda Miller, who he married in 1952 at the age of eighteen. The marriage was annulled in 1953 when he was 19 as his parents didn’t approve the relationship.

2. Annette Kay
Larry and Annette got married in 1961 and the marriage could only last for less than a year. She’s his second wife and gave birth to Larry Jr.

3. Alene Akins

Larry and Alene married in 1963. Akins was a former Playboy bunny before the married. They had one daughter together named Chaia.

4. Mary Francis “Mickey” Sutphin

Larry and Mickey wedded in 1964 and the union lasted for three years till 1967. They had a daughter together named Kelly

5. Alene Akins
Larry and Akins got married again in 1971 after separation from their first marriage. King lost two of his children last year, 2020 – his adopted son, Andy, 65, and his daughter Chaia, 52.
Andy died on 28th July, 2020 from heart attack while his daughter Chaia died on 19th August, 2020 after battling with lung cancer.

6. Sharon Lepore

Sharon Lepore and Larry King got wedded in 1976 and the marriage lasted till 1983 when they separated. She was a production assistant and former mathematical teacher.

7. Julie Alexander

Julie met Larry King in 1989 while she was a businesswoman, and they got married same year. The two were married for just a year before they separated in 1990. They divorced in 1992 after three years of marriage.


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