Rod Stewart And Elton John Are Back As Friends As Life’s Too Short

Sir Rod Stewart, 76, and Sir Elton John, 73, have settled the rift between them, and are back again as friends.

The duo have clashed several times over the years. They had fall out in 2018 when Rod called the Elton’s farewell tour as “money-grabbing”.

Elton hit back at Rod in his 2020 autobiography, where he said that he had a “f**king cheek” to lecture him when Stewart had “spent the last decade crooning his way through the Great American Songbook and Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas” based on Rod’s swipe at him.

Rod has now disclosed, at an interview on the Harry Redknapp Show, that they’re now friend again ending the feud between him and Elton,

He said: “We’ve just made up.

“We’re friends again now me and Elton, we had the worst row like a married couple that went on forever.

“But he’s just said, ‘I’ve forgiven Rod and everything, I’m going to send him a Christmas card,’ so we’re mates again and I do love him.

When asked why the duo had a row in the first place.

Rod explained: “Well we’ve always been fierce enemies, as you know, through the years but it’s always been at a playful level.

“But I was a bit spiteful when he announced his tour.

“I was on an American TV show, in which they ply you with lots of drinks before the show, and I said, ‘I just see it as money-grabbing, he’s retired a couple of times before, three years to retire.

“And I got spiteful and I regret it, I really do regret it.”

Rod maintained: “But anyway, we’re all good mates now.

The host praised Rod for his remorse as he said: “It takes a big man to say that Rod anyway.”

The hitmaker agreed and replied: “That’s exactly what I say to my kids, Harry.

I say, ‘A man apologises, go and apologise to your mother’.”

Earlier in November, Elton had said that if he now saw Rod in the street he would give him a hug.

He had also explained that there has always been a historic “rivalry” between himself and Rod. He said this during an interview with Howard Stern on US radio station Sirius FM, according to

Elton said : “Rod and I have always had this kind of rivalry but it’s always been very friendly and funny and I love him to death.

“If I saw him in the street I’d give him the biggest hug.

“There’s no point in carrying on vendettas. Life’s too short.”

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