Olakunle Churchill Says I’ve Been Separated For 5 Years And I’ve Known Rosaline Meurer For 16 Years

The CEO of Churchill group, Olakunle Churchill had a chat with BBC pidgin, where he talked about his marriage and his relationship with Rosaline Meurer.

How About Your Marriage

Churchill said that he has been separated for about 5 years, and he has become one of the most eligible bachelor in town.

When Did You Re-marry And Why Is It Being Talked About Now

He showed his married ring and said that he made up his mind two Decembers ago before his birthday, and at the time he proposed to her, Rosaline Meurer.

Nobody believed it but it was last year we did the family rite and other important things for the marriage.

How Is Your Relationship With Rosaline Meurer

Churchill: Roseline, she’s a good girl. Relationship before marriage is totally different as things have changed, but she’s still the same person. I’ve known her since when she was 13-years-old which is like 16 years ago. So, if people start to judge you just don’t mind them and keep moving forward in your life.

Advice For The Bachelors

Churchill: I’ll advise the young man that’s about to marry not allow his family to decide for him on when to marry and the girl to marry. The man should not rush himself and should decide by himself while ignoring any pressure from his family on his marriage.



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