The Nigerian movie ‘Lizard’ made history at the 2021 Sundance Film Festival Award by becoming the first Nigerian film to win the Grand Jury Prize in the short film category
In the history of the festival, no Nigerian movie has gone that far in clinching such award.

The film was produced by Akinola Davies Jr., and shot in Lagos with a set of the 90s.

The movie is centered on the story of a 9-year-old girl who was thrown out to the street from a Sunday school for her unusual character.

Stars like Pamilerin Ayodedeji alongside Osayi Uzamere, Charles Etubiebi, and Rita Edward featured in the film.

The film emerged about the 50 shortlisted in the short film category, which have other strong contenders like: ‘Like the Ones I Used to Know’, ‘Lata’, ‘The Criminals’, ‘Bambirak’, ‘Dear Philadelphia’, ‘KKUM’, ‘Wiggle Room’ and ‘This Is The Way We Rise’.

The producer reacted to the prize through his social media handle, Instagram, where he wrote: “Literally a year to this day we started on a project conceived from a bunch of my childhood memories.”

“Today I’m so grateful to @sundanceorg for awarding LIZARD the Grand Jury prize for shorts. I’m overwhelmed and as much as I’d love to gloat, filmmaking is really crazy hard,” he added.

The producer commended the efforts of the cast and crew in making this achievement despite the prevalent of Covid-19.

I have to say this award is really for the whole cast and crew who worked so hard and committed their all to this little film pre and during a global pandemic,” he wrote.

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