Nigeria Needs Millions Of Condoms For Its Adult Population

A new report has it that Nigeria needs additional 564 million condoms annually to adequately provide for 90 per cent of its adult population.

The report is titled ‘Condom accessibility and use in Nigeria’. It’s based on a survey produced by NOIpolls, in partnership with the National Agency for the Control of AIDS (NACA) and AIDS HealthCare Foundation (AHF).

The report which was released to mark the International Condom Day (ICD), that is observed annually on February 13 through Valentine’s Day, February 14, to promote safer sex awareness, by encouraging people to use condoms.

In a statement on Saturday, the Program Manager of AHF, Mr. Taofeek Adeleye, said a total of 1.15 billion condoms will help the country to achieve 90 per cent coverage, but only 587million condoms are currently available for usage in the country.

He stated: “The gap between current condom use, 587million, and total need, 1.15 billion, to achieve ninety per cent coverage is 564 million condoms annually.

“The condom gap shows disparity across the target populations. FSW has the lowest (10 per cent) unmet needs, with improvement among MSM (57 per cent), and individuals with multiple partners (55 per cent) Zero-discordant couples record the widest gap of 90 per cent.”

Mr. Adeleye expressed the fact that male condoms are readily available than female condoms.

We also have some females that are not even aware of female condoms. As an organisation, we are looking at issues around male and female condoms, and we are also intensifying on condom education promotion,” he added.

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