Nigeria Man Arrested in Kenya Over Murder of a Prominent Lawyer

Police in Kenya have arrested a Nigerian, Christian Mwambay Kadima, over the murder of a prominent lawyer, Elizabeth Koki.

Christian Mambay Kadima, who is a suspect in the death of Elizabeth Koki, was smuggled out of his hideout at a hotel in Nairobi after being on the run and on trailed for hours.

DCI said: “Detectives have finally arrested Christian Mwambay Kadima, who has been on the run since the wee hours of the morning, following the gruesome murder of a prominent city lawyer. Our boys who have been hot on his trail, have some minutes ago smoked him out of his hideout

DCI had earlier declared the suspect wanted in connection with murder of the lawyer, Elizabeth Koki. It was declared that the suspect is a Nigerian with a Nigerian passport.

DCI statement: “DCI detectives are on the trail of a foreign national, suspected to have murdered a prominent female lawyer he had been living with in Syokimau, Machakos. In a report made to our officers, the suspect who bears a Nigerian passport was spotted leaving the victim’s house last night

DCI through its social media handled expressed happiness at the arrest and thanked members of the public who shared crucial information that led to his arrest.

He is currently in lawful custody, being processed for his despicable act. DCI thanks the members of the public who gave crucial information, leading to his arrest“.

Though, he tried to outsmart the police by driving his getaway car to Riruta to create a false impression on his whereabouts but the officers never fell for his tricks.

Kadima had tried to outsmart our officers by driving his getaway car to Riruta, to create a false impression on his whereabouts. However, our sleuths were too clever for his antics.






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