Michael Jackson’s, Prince Jackson, Reveals His Dad  Best Advice

Michael Jackson’s son, Prince Jackson, has opened up on the life lessons he learned from his legendary father.

In an interview with FOX Soul’s “The Mix,” Prince stated: “There’s so many nuggets there that are just so close to my heart that I feel like they’re applicable at all times, but the one that is my guiding principle is that you never stop learning.”

Prince, despite graduating from college nearly two years ago, explained that it does not mean that he has stopped learning.

He added: “And my father also would say something along the lines of, ‘The minute that you stop learning is the minute that you are going to start dying. You’re gonna make mistakes, but you’re gonna have to dust yourself off and come back.’”

Prince has been busy with philanthropic jobs with his foundation ‘Heal Los Angeles’ since graduation from the college.

When asked why he’s not stepped into his father’s shoes and follow his musical footsteps, Prince explained that he does not possess the talent for music.

He said: “If I did [think of becoming an artist], my family would be very honest and tell me that it’s not for you. I don’t have the voice for singing and it took me a while to learn what a beat was, but I got that down at least. I just can’t dance.”

Prince also recalled his childhood, which he said was filled with music.

He said: “There really wasn’t a genre that we didn’t listen to. He was an artist and he had an appreciation for his craft.”

My sister, Paris Jackson, and I, were worked up about saving the animals, and we did a protest in our bedroom listening to ‘They Don’t Care About Us,’” he added pointing out about Michael’s 1996 hit.

Talking about when he realized that his father was a famous star, he said that he was very young and that he could see that people were yearning to touch his father.

Prince said: “As I was growing up and getting older, I saw that people would follow us around, people would just want to reach out and touch my dad.”

He elaborated: “It was really when I was maybe around 10 or 11 in the Middle East when I was watching a video of my father performing. I don’t remember the name of the tour, I believe it may have been the History tour, but he was performing outside and you see this sea of people and there [were] people fainting in the audience. And I asked my dad, ‘Why are they fainting? I see you every day and I don’t faint.'”

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