Mc Charlene Blasts Cameroonians Over The Cancellation Of The Val’s Day Naira Marley’s Concert

The famous Cameroonian International female Master of ceremony, Mc Charlene aka the Energy Goddess, has condemned fellow Cameroonians who are rejoicing over the cancellation of the Naira Marley 14th February valentine’s day concert.

The Norwegian-based Mc, who has been an advocate of the collaboration between Nigerian and Cameroonian artists, DJs, entertainers, Filmmakers, and those in the entertainment industry, is surprise that some Cameroonians are rejoicing because a show to be headed by a Nigerian artists and superstar Naira Marley was canceled.

In a Twitter post, she warned her fellow Cameroonians that a fight with Nigeria artistes would not help the Cameroonian entertainment industry to grow. She also said those rejoicing over the canceled concert should know that it is the Cameroonian promoters that suffer a loss because Naira Marley has already been paid.

She wrote: “I hope some of you people with no sense who are happy that Naira Marley didn’t perform know that he still got his money regardless!!! The loss is on the promoters. “You guys talk about supporting your own but you still turn around and made your own people to lose money and also break the hearts of fans who where looking forward to the concert.

You people have no idea what it takes to put a show together!! As una dey rejoice say the promoters don loose money naso una too go loose 100 times that amount!! This war way una wan start with naija no go end well for una! I no dey for that hate and jealousy game because God don’t like evil.”

The Naira Marley Show was supposed to be held in Doula Cameroon on the 14th February as a Valentine’s Day concert but was canceled due to the claim that smokes weeds and he’s a bad influence on the youth.

According to the representative of Empire Company, a show promotion company in Cameroon that organized the show, Prince Mykel Enobi said: “the concert was earlier arranged to be held in the city of Buea and was moved to Limbe and finally Doula because of widespread propaganda that the Nigerian superstar, Naira Marley was a bad influence on Cameroonian youths.”

Mc Charlene berated the labelling of Naira Marley as a bad influence on the youth, and said that Marley is not only one that smokes weeds.

She posted: “At this point I feel like CY is clout chasing! He likes the attention he is getting that’s why he keeps doing all this!! Na today e know say weed dey exist! Some Cameroonian artists also smoke Weed some even go on stage high!! So are they also not a bad influence on the youths🤦🏾‍♀️.”

MC Charlene, who has always placed the promotion of Cameroonian artists as paramount, has advised that Cameroonians should learn to collaborate with Nigerians so that the Cameroonian entertainment industry can grow.

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