Lauretta Onochie and Dele Momodu In War of Words

Lauretta Onochie and Dele Momodu are in hot war of words as both have come out to blast each other with words.

Lauretta Onochie on her social media handle, called Dele Momodu “King of Scavenger” and that Dele Momodu is synonymous with scavenging. He has a scavenging history…

She claimed that Dele Momodu latched onto late Chief MKO Abiola years ago, Scared of Gen. Abacha and went on exile.

Her statement: “He returned to Nigeria and latched onto Gen. Sani Abacha and began to scavenge from him, didn’t he? Then he latched onto the nouveau riche in Nigeria. After them, he latched on to President Buhari, but ‘BabaNoDeyDrop’. He even dried up the taps of the emergency millionaires that Dele latched unto. So to former VP. Atiku he ran. That was not profitable. He didn’t win the presidency so the serial scavenger ran off.”

She said Momodu ran from Atiku and latched onto a former Ghanaian President, which remains anonymous. She added that the Ghanaians brought him down to the ground and used his face to wipe the floor during their last presidential election.

She made her intention known by saying ” He thinks I’m the reason his scavenging is not producing results. He thinks I have taken his place” as she claimed that Momodu is still looking for way to get off the Ghanaian floor.”

She also added: ” Who wants to buy photos that I have already shared on the Social Media? He’s busy eating his vomit that he cannot reason properly. You’re not the only one affected by the downturn of the world economy. I’ll help you. Try diversification, it won’t kill you. Some states are recruiting teachers. Retrain and see if you’ll have a proper job. Or open a restaurant.

“President Buhari is diversifying the Nigerian economy and it’s working. Nigeria recently moved from the 46th to the 25th richest nation in the world, contrary to the expectations of unpatriotic angry birds like you. And You dare call him a failure. You King of scavengers!

“Keep speaking from your wild imaginations, insulting the President and his Vice, and I’ll keep stuffing your mouth full of bitter facts.


🛑 Hahaha! Look who’s talking…

Posted by Lauretta Onochie on Saturday, January 9, 2021

Momodu in his reaction, from his social media, said: “Lauretta was promptly and soundly rejected by a national assembly that is largely controlled by the ruling party APC and the shameless woman has no modicum of self-respect that would have enabled her show she can survive outside power, but NO, Buhari is her last HOPE in life!!!“.

You will recall that Lauretta Onochie’s nomination as INEC commissioner was recently rejected by the National Assembly for being aide to President Buhari.

The real bone of contention between these politicians is unknown but with time it will surely be revealed.

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