Lady Gaga and Other Celebrities Call for Trump Impeachment

Some celebrities like Lady Gaga, Mark Ruffalo and Rob Reiner have added their voices to the calls for President Trump’s impeachment warning that failure to do that could lead to the death of democracy

In a her message through her social media handle,Twitter, Lady Gaga blasted Trump, said he “incited domestic terrorism” at the Capitol.

At the Capitol, protesters from Trump’s side protested the certification of President-elect Joe Biden’s Electoral College win stormed the Capitol, ransacked the historic building and attacked security personnel which led to the evacuation of lawmakers and as a result of their actions, five people, including a Capitol Police officer, have so far lost their lives.

Gaga wrote: “I hope we focus to impeach Trump so Congress has the constitutional authority to possibly disqualify him from future election—the #25thAmendment doesn’t disqualify him. He incited domestic terror—how much more violence needs to happen? This is terrorism.”

Speaker Nancy Pelosi had said on Thursday, 7th January, 2021 that impeachment proceedings will begin if Vice President Pence and Trump’s Cabinet do not invoke the 25th Amendment to remove Trump.

Rob Reiner on his part called on the lawmakers to expedite action on the impeachment of Trump and that any member of the Congress that doesn’t support Trump impeachment and removal supports sedition.

He wrote: “Any member of Congress that doesn’t support Impeachment and Removal of this President supports Sedition.”

Mark Ruffalo appealed to the lawmakers that American are looking up to them for the impeachment of Trump.

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