It’s Difficult For Me To Find Clothes That Fit Properly – Says 31-Year-Old Bodybuilder

An American woman who admits to her intense workout and diet regime in the hopes of achieving the world’s highest bodybuilding title, has revealed that her muscular body shape makes it difficult for her to find clothes that fit properly.

31-year-old, Brittany ‘Flex’ Watts, explained that not having a physique like other women makes it a struggle to purchase clothes.

“Due to the fact that I’m not built like your typical woman, fashion is kind of hard for my body type now. It’s a challenge,

“My style is very eclectic. I guess you could say sporty, sometimes it’s sexy, sometimes it’s tomboyish, sometimes it’s classy.” – Brittany said.

Brittany revealed that she often struggle to wear certain styles of shorts because of her bottom,

She said: “Because of my legs and my butt, the way these would sit on me all of my cheeks would be out.

“Here in Florida, that’s fine for some people, but mama Teresa would not be okay with all of that hanging out.

“I find it most difficult probably to shop for bottoms because my waist is so small. When I put clothes on I find that if it fits in my legs, it doesn’t fit in the waist.”

The IFBB women’s physique bodybuilder who finished 13th in the 2019 competition explained that achieving her muscular body shape requires training in the gym daily.

She added that in the week before Miss Olympia, she didn’t rest, she ate minimal food and avoided all carbohydrates.

She said: “The competition is super important, it’s like the super bowl of bodybuilding. So food is low and carbs are zero.

“You’re going to suffer alright, it’s not for the weak minded.”

“No gym. Still in prep, I think I had just started a prep when everything happened. I’m one of those types of people who is not fixing to quit.

“I’m not a quitter. I’ve never quit a show and I’ve never cancelled a show, so I kept going through the whole prep.”

Brittany has previously disclosed that she achieved her personal best of lifting 360lbs during the pandemic.

She explained that her boyfriend was fast to buy fitness equipment to set up a basic home gym.

“It’s like some dumbbells, a squat rack, pure basics. We didn’t have any full on machines. No hammer presses. Old school almost like jail training.

We’re up there Rocky. We live on the third floor, running our stairs and our neighbours are like ‘what are you guys doing out here? again twice today.” – she said

Brittany revealed that after her hard work, the competition she was supposed to enter to qualify for Miss Olympia was cancelled, and she had to drive to another city to compete.

Advising others, she said: “If you have a dream or a goal that you think even sounds interesting, pursue it. What’s the worst that can happen? That you fail, that you don’t do it – or you that you love it and it ends up great.

“Look at me, I literally looked in a magazine six years ago and was like I think I want to do it. I knew nothing about bodybuilding. Signed up did a show and did terrible.

“I came second to last place but even then I felt like a winner.

“I looked at these girls and what that they had accomplished and I was like this is achievable. This is not out of my league and here we are now.”


courtesy: Mailonline

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