Indonesia: Boeing 737 Carrying More Than 50 Passengers Disappeared

A passenger jet, Boeing 737, carrying 59 passenger, including 5 children and a baby, has reportedly disappeared over the sea shortly after takeoff from Jakarta, Indonesian.

The Sriwijaya Air plane was said to have taken off from Jakarta, the Indonesian capital and was heading to Pontianak in West Kalimantan province of the country, lost contact with the control room four minutes after departure.

The flight, (SJ1182) of Boeing B737-500 brand, was said to have lost more than 10,000 feet of altitude in less than one minute after takeoff.

Flightradar24 tweeted: “We are following reports of a missing Boeing 737-500 in Indonesia. We hope to have more information soon.

“ADS-B signal from flight #SJ182 was lost at 07:40:27 UTC time. The flight was en route from Jakarta to Pontianak in Indonesia.

“Sriwijaya Air flight #SJ182 lost more than 10.000 feet of altitude in less than one minute, about 4 minutes after departure from Jakarta.”

The Indonesian Sriwijaya Air company is still is still getting more information before issuing a statement.

According to the Indonesia’s transport ministry spokesman, Adita Irawati , he said: “A Sriwijaya (Air) plane from Jakarta to Pontianak (on Borneo island) with call sign SJY182 has lost contact.

“It last made contact at 2:40 pm (0740 GMT).”

Search and rescue operation is underway to find the missing plane.

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