I Was A Sweet Hawker Before I Became An Actor – Kenyan Actor

The Kenyan actor, Kenneth Gichoya, popularly known as Njoro, has shared moments about his past life on how he used to sell sweets at the Kenya National Theatre before making it into acting.

He revealed that he preferred hawking sweets to acting because he could make more money in hawking than acting a role.

He said: “I did not want to act, I just wanted to sell sweets. I just did the math; actors were paid Ksh300 a day, and I would get Ksh3,000 from selling my sweets.”

He recalled that he sold more than his competitors because of his location and number of customers.

“I would buy a packet of sweets at Ksh75, and I would make a profit of Ksh250. All I needed was to leave my house with Ksh100, go to Kirinyaga road and get one packet. By the end of the day, however, I would end up selling like 10 packets,

“I was still a funny guy and would make people laugh and happy as I sold them the sweets. The school boys and girls would miss me if I failed to show up for one reason or the other,” he narrated.

The actor, who’s married with two children, stated that the business helped him to cater for his family.

On how he entered the theatre, he said that he used to ask producers to give him a role, which he would act without asking for payment.

Njoro said, in an interview, that the late Charles Bukeko, popularly known as Papa Shirandula, offered him a role on TV, which helped in developing his career.

Both late Charles Bukeko and Njoro met at the Kenya National Theatre during Njoro’s hawking days.

Since leaving the hawking and going into acting, he has created other businesses which are currently making returns for him.

When asked about how he combined running of the businesses with acting, he said that he has delegated some to his wife so as to keep her busy and have something to do.

Njoro later advised his colleagues in the industry to create additional source of income, as a fall back plan, in case their careers end prematurely.



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