Ghana Actress and Fix The Country Campaigner, Efia Odo, Released On Bail

In Ghana, Police have granted actress, Efia Odo, and more than ten other ‘Fix The Country’ campaigners bail hours after their arrest on Friday.

It was gathered that campaigners were released after their lawyers stormed the Accra Regional Police Command to demand their release.

The Police later released them on self-recognition, and after over three hours of interrogation on why they gathered in front of law court complex with placards.

After being released, the actress, Efia Odo, announced her release on social media.

“Bail granted. A cause worth fighting for,” she posted.

All efforts to establish the cause of their arrest have been abortive as the Ghanaian Police have not clearly stated the reasons for arresting the campaigners who gathered during the court hearing.

The court adjourned proceeding till 1.30pm on Friday after hearing legal arguments from lawyers on both side.

Meanwhile, the ‘FixTheCountry’ campaigners pitched camp in front of the law court complex with placards.

Supporters of the campaign have started to push for the release of 15 members arrested by the police.

Ghanaian Youths started an online protest around May 3 to complain about harsh economic conditions in de country.

The Youths planned to protest on Sunday May 9, which could not held due to court injunction secured by the police.

The Ghanaian Supreme Court had thrown out first ex-parte application, which the Police Service filed in a motion which prayed the court to stop the protest from happening until the lift of restrictions of public gatherings due to Covid-19.

The Police filed another one, but the High Court after hearing the cases from both sides passed ruling that the application be mooted.

Justice Ruby Aryeetey, in her ruling explained that the application which the sought to stop the May 9 protest was already passed long time, therefore, the court could not rule on the protest.

However, she advised the #FixTheCountry conveners to go through the necessary processes if they plan to organize another protest.


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