Being in a relationship is something soothing and interesting especially when the love birds are really in love.

Apparently, it could turn out to be worst moment in once’s life based on the type of person you’re in a relationship with.

Relationship could be complicated as assumed by some, and which may not be far from the reality, but the success of the relationship depends on both parties attitudes towards it.

We all make mistakes but in relationship, there are some mistakes that could ruin a relationship especially if commitment and trust are no where in it.

Avoid these mistakes in your relationship

One of the worst mistakes in a relationship is for you to pretend to be what you’re not. Your pretence can mislead your partner to take you for what you’re not.
Somebody that’s in love with you, of course, wants to see the real you and not the fake you. Any relationship built on lies is bound to fail.
In relationship, you can’t be a liar and be impressive, maybe for awhile, but with time when the truth prevails you will have your face to hide.

Reflect on Past
One thing you need to do to make a successful relationship is to forget your past. Reflecting on your past most time or all the times could create a wound for your present relationship. Your past is gone, so let go and move on.
No doubt, it may help you in some ways, but you need not to bring up anything about your past relationship.
Like nobody will love to hear about how you broke up with your ex or your ex used to do this or that.
Talking about your past or doing comparison with your past could ruin your relationship, and could put off your partner.

Don’t be too possessed in your relationship. Possession could destroy your relationship, and turns you to be a disturbing person. You can’t be possessed and trust your partner. What are you looking for when you snoop through your partner’s phone? or how do you comport yourself if your partner fails to show up or late to an event. Your possession could be seen as jealousness, and soon you will become a problem for your partner.

Majorly, it could be that you consummate with somebody mistakenly or intentionally, but it talks more about your attitude towards the relationship. Cheating by flirting around is a stone on a relationship glass, which could be hard to resolve. Doing what’s not right behind your partner could bring mistrust into a relationship, and where’s the respect if you devote your attention to someone else instead of your partner.

When you’re too conservative, you ruin many things without your knowledge, because you’re not willing to give, so you can’t take either. A situation whereby you are too conservative in a relationship without speaking out then many things could go wrong that will destroy the relationship. I’m not saying you should nag at every situation, you need to talk it out with your partner when things go wrong.


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