Don Jazzy Raises Alarm Over Bride Price Controversy

Nigerian popular music producer, Don Jazzy, has expressed his mind on the way some guys treat their wives.

Jazzy stated that there’s need to educate those men to stop the bad treatment of their wives because of the bride price paid to secure their hands in marriage.

He explained that disrespecting one’s wife because of the bride price paid is a shallow mindset.

Jazzy stated this on his Twitter account, where he tweeted: “So apparently some of the men that disrespect and treat their wives like sh*t do so becos they paid some useless bride price. Kai, how do we educate the multitude with this shallow mindset?”

His assumption is a controversy in some homes, as respect for the woman diminishes as a result of the bride price paid on her.

Some men are fond of calling their wives names, and they will never have a second thought before descending on them at every provocation.

Meanwhile, some people have responded to Don Jazzy’s statement

Jaytheunbothered said: “I’ve always said the bride price tradition needs to go. It holds no water in this modern time and age.

“What is the purpose? And why won’t a man feel like he owns a person after paying for her?”

Efosa stated: “I disagree with you sir. Some, it’s as a result of how they see their father treat their mother.”

Izzyknows said: “As I’m talking right now, someone is in the village and they’re saying the bride price is 1M naira. I mean right now, just got off the phone with his mum.

“They know he doesn’t have this money, his in-law has taken a seat far away telling the boy to discuss with his kinsmen smh.”

Vee Stan expressed: “By teaching them that bride price payment isn’t equivalent to possessing, buying or owning any woman.

“I feel men to understand that marriage isn’t a master – slave relationship. It’s a partnership where both parties are meant to have equal rights.

“A woman isn’t a tail!!!”

Morgan Aliticus Playmaker said: “I think the whole bride price system should go tbh… Cos some cultures make the whole process seem like a sort of trade, which shouldn’t be.

“You hear questions like; “do you know she is a doctor” “do you know how much was spent for her education. It really doesn’t help at all.”

Omotayo of Lagos stated: “The bride price cultured needs to be canceled, lets people marry each other out of love without one feeling indebted to the other.”

Miracle Worker said: “This set of Men actually didn’t grow with “love” they have some stupid “ego” in them, they feel the woman owes them the whole world just bcuz they paid some silly “bride price” this is usually common among men who are still struggling to fix into the “middle family.

“And then they spend lots of money during the “marriage rites” so they just keep reminding the woman of how much they paid as “bride price” and the huge amount of money they spend traditionally to the direct family of the bride. They feel the woman should worship them.”

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