COVID -19: Argentine Police Raid A Secret Sex Party

Twenty couples were arrested for breaking COVID-19 restrictions at a secret sex party in Mar del Plata in Argentina.

Police got to the scene of the party after being informed by a caller who complained that the couples were using a farm for unusual reasons.

The swingers party was raided by the police as the guests thought the uniformed men were strippers who were the main attractions of the show.

When officers entered the building, they found that the place was decorated with candelabras, purple lighting and sex videos were playing.

We realised that they thought we were part of the show, that we were strippers,” a police source told Infobae, a local online newspaper.

A woman, who was among the guests at the swingers party, toasted a police officer, when she approached the police officer and told him: “What lovely eyes you have, you turn me on.”

A source among the security team said that we knew what the theme of the party was because of the video which was playing, among other things.

Gustavo Jara, secretary for general security for Mar del Plata, said the couples were “respectful and joked about what happened”.

Mr Jara added: “Most of the people did not know what happened when we arrived. One of them, when they realized that we were not strippers, told us: ‘Oh we enjoyed the show. It was comic and absurd at the same time.

All those present at the party, which happened last weekend, will be prosecuted.

Restrictions on the size of meetings in Argentina vary according to region. In the Buenos Aires province, which includes Mar del Plata, gatherings are limited to up to ten people, they must wear face masks and maintain a distance of two metres.

After a surge in COVID-19 cases, Argentina introduced tougher restrictions on travellers, banning flights from the UK among other European countries, and limiting entry to Argentine nationals, residents and staff of airlines and other travel companies.

Anyone entering the country must also take a PCR test within 72 hours.

Argentine Health Minister Gines Gonzalez Garcia urged the public on Wednesday to take every precaution to contain the spread of coronavirus to prevent the need for tougher lockdown measures.

We are walking a fine line where prevention, care and compliance with health regulations are essential to avoid further restrictions,” he said.

He said that the transmission rate of COVID-19 rate in Buenos Aires and the rest of the country was higher in December than in June.

Argentina has reported 1,744,704 cases of COVID-19 and 44,848 deaths from the infection.



courtesy: Independent

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