Colleagues Pay Tributes To The Veteran Nollywood Actor, Bruno Iwuoha

Nollywood actors and actresses have paid tributes to their departed colleague, Bruno Iwuoha.

The veteran actor, Bruno Iwuoha, died on Saturday, 10th April, at the age of 68 years, after a long battle with diabetes.

The news of his death was confirmed by Monalisa Chinda-Coker, Director of Communications, Actors Guild of Nigeria.

In her statement, she said: “On behalf of the entire members of the Actors Guild of Nigeria, the National President, Ejezie Emeka Rollas commiserate with the immediate family members, friends and fans. He prays that God comfort them at this moment of grief. May the souls of all faithful departed Rest In Peace.”

In 2015, the actor had disclosed his ailment at an interview with Brekete Family, on Human Rights Radio 101.1FM in Abuja, where he said that he never knew he had diabetes until a violent armed robbery attack landed him in hospital.

He explained: “I’ve gone to so many places; within the country, outside the country for treatment, until finally…finally, the thing [diabetes] claimed one of my sights. As I look at you now, I’m using only one sight. They call that glaucoma.

“And gradually, it’s affecting the other one. I discovered that this thing [diabetes] is a lifetime something. And it has robbed me of the job. And now, if I get a script, it will be hard for me to read it very well. And if I read it, if I strain my eyes for so long, it would look as if someone would lead me around the house or anywhere I want to go because it will affect the only one. So that’s my problem.”

Some of his colleagues in the movie industry, who spoke with Sunday Scoop, have expressed their minds on the death of the actor.

Actor Kanayo Kanayo stated:“The news of his death saddened me because we were very close. In fact, I called his phone severally but I was not able to get through. It is a very big loss to the movie industry. He had respect for the industry. It is a personal loss for me because of the bond we shared. Anytime we were on location, he was either in my room or I would be in his. We talked at length on different issues.”

Comedian actor, John Okafor, known as Mr Ibu, said: “I just heard about his death some minutes ago and I am still in shock that Bruno is no more. The type of person he was made it possible for people to emulate him. He succeeded in making good use of his age in teaching the younger ones. Even though it is painful that he is no more, I take solace in the fact that he was a good elder. He told me stories about life and he lived with caution. We also ate together. It is unfortunate that he is no more but we have to bear it.”

The President of the Actors Guild of Nigeria, Emeka Rollas, added: “I received the news of his death with great shock. He was a very good fellow and a dedicated member of the Actors Guild of Nigeria. Even at his age, he was one person that always called to ask what he was owing the guild (dues and levies) and what he was supposed to do. He paid all his dues as at when due. His illness was sad and we tried in our own way to support him but at a point, the illness got out of hand. I pray that God grants him eternally rest. I would really miss his fatherly advice and support.”

The actor is survived by his wife and six children.


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