Prison Official And Inmate Caught On Camera In Prison Romance

SOUTH AFRICA – Two people, a female prison official and a male inmate, have been caught on camera having sex inside a prison at the KwaZulu-Natal correctional facility.

Investigation by the South African social media police has revealed that the couple filmed having sex on camera at a KwaZulu-Natal correctional facility are not married couple.

According to local media, the police spokesperson, Singabakho Nxumalo, said: “It is not true that the inmate and official are married.”

He also rubbished the rumours that the inmate had killed himself.

He stated that the official has faced disciplinary action and has since been issued a letter of suspension to suspend him from all official duties.

Nxumalo expressed that the department was appalled, embarrassed and gutted by the video.

He said the video, which had gone viral on social media, was recorded at the Ncome Correctional Centre in KZN.

He explained:”Sexual activities between inmates and correctional officials are shameful incidents that can never be ascribed to what is expected of our officials.”

It is unclear if any action will be taken against the prisoner, but the department has cautioned the public to refrain from further sharing the video on social media.

Meanwhile, the South African government has promised to install body scanners at six correctional centres across the country in a bid to clamp down on the smuggling of contraband items into prison.

The message was issued by Minister Ronald Lamola, who also said that there had been 181 cases of smuggling contraband in the past 12 months across the country.

He continued that Gauteng led with 121 cases, followed by Eastern Cape with 17 cases, KwaZulu-Natal 14, Western Cape 13, Limpopo and Mpumalanga nine, Free State and Northern Cape seven.

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How to Save Your Marriage

Many marriages fail because of a lack of communication, a rocky foundation of trust, the inability to spend quality time together, and countless other reasons.

In spite of everything, there are ways to help save a marriage that is heading toward negativity.
A healthy marriage is comprised of mutual understanding, listening and respecting each other’s differences, accepting arrangements and plans, and overall, having the confidence to work through setbacks and conflict.

It’s important not to blame each other for any conflict, tense situations, or let anger rise out of proportion on a regular basis.

In order to save your marriage, it’s going to take time to understand and listen to each other and come to a resolution rather than a crisis. Talking together in s peaceful and safe environment is essential for progress.

Making time for each other consistently is also important in saving your marriage. If you don’t have time for dinner, schedule time for coffee, breakfast, or even doing an activity together where you’ll both have plenty of room to talk, share, and laugh about what’s on your mind.

Take a time out from voice mails, e-mails, and switch off the television. A marriage requires a personal commitment just like other responsibilities.

Plan a trip together, or take a mini vacation where you can remember your commitment to one another. This can help re-amplify your marriage, creating the opportunity to rekindle some romance and the positive moments and times you’ve shared together.

Remembering your commitment to one another can be a turning point in saving your marriage, a time to honor and cherish.

Remind each other that you’ll get through the rough times, the crisis, or whatever is on your mind together. This can help create a stronger bond, and serve as a stepping stone for the next phase of your life.

Ask for support from family and friends if you need to, or make arrangements with a marriage counselor to overcome the difficulty together.

Sometimes it helps to have a third party involved so that conflict can be managed effectively with another perspective.

Learning how to cope with stress during marital conflict is important when you want to save your marriage. This can mean taking a break, finding social support, or working directly on the problem together.

You can show empathy and love, and avoid criticism. This can strengthen your bond, and also clear the way for deeper feelings for one another.

Having patience will be essential in saving your marriage, and it’s important to maintain balance and perspective if any conflict arises.

Patience also involves listening to one another during an argument, and letting each other share views on a subject.

Resolving marital conflict may not be easy, but it offers an opportunity for learning and growing.
No matter how chaotic life can be, there can always be time to take a deep breath and let things settle.

It’s important to be realistic, practice strong communication skills, further your commitment and understanding of one another, and be as patient as possible.


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Nicolas Cage Gets Married For The 5th Time To A 26-Year-Old Lover

The popular American movie actor, Nicolas Cage, had gone back to the wedding well, and got married for a record of 5th time.

The wedding took place on 16th February, 2021 at the Sin City, Wynn Hotel in Las Vegas..

Nicolas, who is 56-year-old, married a 26-year-old Riko Shibata last month, and according to the Clark County Clerk’s Office, the records show that Riko has taken Nicolas’s last name.

Nicolas announced his engagement to Riko back in August last year after proposing over FaceTime though they had met over a year ago in Japan.

Riko was in Japan when she agreed to be his wife, and Nicolas, who lives in Las Vegas, sent the engagement ring via FedEx.

Riko was wearing a handmade Japanese bridal kimono, while Nicolas was rocking a tux by Tom Ford at the wedding.

Report has it that the ceremony included traditional Catholic and Shinto vows,with some poetry from Walt Whitman and Haiku.

The actor is fully aware that his 5th time down the aisle might shock some folks, he said: “It’s true, and we are very happy.”

This will be his 5th marriage, and it’s coming less than 2 years after his last marriage to Erika Koike ended in divorce after only 4 days.

Previously, he was married to Alice Kim, Lisa Marie Presley, and Patricia Arquette.

One of his ex-wives, Alice Kim and their son, Kal, celebrated with the happy couple after the ceremony.


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Model Who Asked Pope For Blessing To Contest For Miss BumBum 2021 In Brazil

The Brazilian model, Lunna Leblanc, who recently asked Pope Francis to bless her first Playboy cover, has revealed that she’ll be competing for Miss BumBum 2021, in Brazil.

The famous Brazilian butt contest, which was created by journalist Cacau Oliver, is coming back this July.

Miss BumBum is a prestigious competition which finds models with the best butts in the world.

A total of 27 gorgeous women from Brazil, one representing each state, will compete in the beauty pageant slated for July.

A Playboy bunny and bank employee have been announced as the first contestants for this year’s edition of the Miss BumBum competition.

Vanusa Freitas, a 28-year-old model, will be representing the state of São Paulo, while Suzana Simonet is representing the state of Santa Catarina in Miss BumBum 2021.

Lunna Leblanc, who will be joining the other two contestants, will be representing the state of Minas Gerais in the competition.

She said: “He blessed me in every way, I have faith and I am confident for this prize.”

The performing arts student will be going into the competition with a bust of 86cm and a hip of 106cm.

Another controversial candidate that will be in the contest is Cássia Mello.

The beauty was keen to show the X-ray of her butt to an ex-boyfriend to prove it’s real.

Cássia with her beautiful figure will be representing the state of Amazonas and owns a 108cm hip.

She said: “The X-ray of my butt that I sent to my boyfriend was used to apply for the contest and it worked.”

Cássia, who is a nutrition student, claimed: “it’s important to understand the dietary needs in our body to keep the butt healthy.”

The model had an X-ray of her bum to prove that she never had a plastic surgery.

She admitted: “I went to a clinic and got an X-ray. I took a copy and mailed it to my ex-boyfriend as a gift.”

Cássia believes she can clinch the title as she sees herself as natural beauty.

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Celebrities And Their Favourite Sex Toys

As many of the celebrities are living such extravagant lifestyles, and you’ll be surprise to know that they engage in self-pleasuring too like us mere mortals.

In fact, gone are the days where discussing your masturbation habits or your favourite sex toys are considered a taboo subject, regardless of whether you’re famous or not.

Most of these celebs, whether it was intentional or an accidental slip of the tongue, have come out clear on what their favourite sex toys are:

Eva Longoria
The Desperate Housewives star said, in an interview with Self, that she wished she discovered sex toys years ago and that she only started enjoying sex after she started masturbating.

She only got her first vibrator at the age of 27 and admitted that she wasn’t very sexual until she learned how to pleasure herself first.

She named her favourite sex toy as ‘Rabbit Vibrator’. She said: “I enjoyed it so much that I gave it to all my friends as birthday presents. ‘They scream with joy when they unwrap it!’ After all, is there a better gift than an orgasm?

Lady Gaga
Lady Gaga couldn’t hide her poker face when she was gifted a pink Bullet Vibrator by her dancers on her 28th birthday at a backstage party after her show at the Roseland Ballroom in New York City.

The singer later admitted that she is single, she’s a workaholic and that it can get very lonely sometimes.

She expressed that her schedule gives her very little chance of finding a new man, but she has found other ways of relieving some tensions that come with being a single woman. “I’m good. Me and my vibrator are very happy!” she added.

The self-proclaimed “Only girl in the world” reportedly went on a bit of a spending spree at an upmarket sex shop in Paris, buying more than $1500 worth of adult toys.

According to a source, the shopping session only lasted 5 minutes, and she knew exactly what she wanted, declining any assistance offered when picking out items.

Onlookers say that she was smiling from ear to ear when she left the store and looked to be in a hurry to get back to her hotel.

Her toys of choice? Lingerie, scented candles, fluffy handcuffs, and a purple Rabbit Vibrator, apparently.

This wasn’t the first time she’s been spotted shopping for adult toys. She shopped at adult stores in Paris, Sydney, and even Ottawa, Canada with her ex, Drake.

Miley Cyrus
The queen of oversharing has never been one to shy away from controversy. While she is well known to talk about her love for sex toys, she pushed the boundaries a bit when she posted a few photos of herself on a plane with her new favourite toy on Twitter. It’s called The Hand of Adonis, a unique silicone toy that’s not for the faint-hearted.

Measuring in at over 40cm in length, it’s shaped like an arm with an ultra-realistic duck-bill positioned hand at the end, and it’s intended for someone interested in fisting.

According to the manufacturer, the toy is “very large, quite heavy and not suited for beginners. But if you prefer larger sized toys, you’ll love it.”

Beyonce & Jay-Z
Beyonce and Jay-Z also like to keep things fresh in the bedroom, and if one can believe in sources close to them, they spend an insane amount of money on sex toys.

While they like to experiment with new and different toys, lubes, and lingerie, it’s never anything tacky or too extreme.

When you’re this famous, your vagina deserves only the best! Jay-Z proved this when he reportedly purchased a $15,000 gold plated vibrator from LELO’s Luxe collection for Beyonce’s birthday, known to be some of the most expensive & luxurious sex toys in the world.

So rest assured, from pleb to the most famous celebrity, it looks like we can all benefit from a toy in our closet. Whether they’re gold-plated or not, they have a universal purpose.

Lily Allen
Lily Allen has put her name on a sex toy, after writing about the ‘Womanizer Liberty’ being one of her favourite sex toys, and how it was in fact quite liberating the famous “sucking vibrator” company struck a deal with her to get the new ‘Lily Allen Womanizer Liberty’ to market.

Lily Allen has managed to make brand partnerships feel new again by teaming up with the adult brand ‘Womanizer’ to create her very own vibrator, the Liberty.

The announcement was well-received worldwide with adoring fans praising Lilly’s open attitude to discuss masturbation and her commitment to removing the stigma attached to women taking control of their own pleasure.



Courtesy: Lizzybliss

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Zodiac Signs Who Do Not Like Change And Can’t Handle The Unknown

Change is scary, as it throws you into unknown situations and forces you to come out of your comfort zone. You fear change and so do most of us.

Sure, it is difficult to adapt to it and it does take time to accept a life-altering change. But it is also a fact of life that change is the only constant.

Taurus (April 20 – May 20)
Taureans are too used to their daily routine and lifestyle, and get panic when change strikes. They have a meltdown in the face of a big-shift and can hardly handle their emotions.
They take time in adapting to it and gradually accept it.

Leo (July 23 – August 22)
When they get used to something, it is very difficult for them to get over it and leave it behind even for a better option. Leos can’t handle change and tend to use escapism and humour to somehow skip the harshness and novelty of it.

Libra (September 23 – October 23)
Librans have a hard time dealing with change, especially if the change requires them to come out of their comfort zone. They don’t like the idea of it and are often too scared of dealing with any kind of change.

Aquarius (January 20 – February 18)
Aquarians are open-minded and adjusting people, they like change and can adapt to it easily only when it benefits them or improves their current situation. If it contradicts their views, then they are bound to hate it and rebel against it.


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Is The Sex Good But The Foreplay Neh? Here’s What You Can Do

I recently had a conversation with one of my happily married friends that got me thinking.

She said, “The sex itself is really good, but I don’t look forward to it like I think I’m supposed to because the foreplay sucks (not literally)”.

While many of you might read this and feel that her statement is contradictory, it made a lot of sense. Contrary to popular belief, foreplay is not sex.

If the foreplay doesn’t feel right or isn’t any good, the intercourse will lose a lot of its appeal, if not most of it.

What is foreplay?

Foreplay is the physical and emotional connection that’s established before actual sex transpires.. It’s a chance to build up anticipation and make your love life exciting every opportunity you get, just like when you first became attracted to someone.

Remember that feeling? And the reality of it is, if you or your partner aren’t giving it your best effort, it’ll fall flat, and the spark will be gone as quick as it lit up.

But foreplay can take on many forms. It’s not about diving right into oral sex (maybe sometimes); it’s more subtle than that and shouldn’t be rushed.

Here’s a list of things that are considered foreplay:

  • A romantic date. Yes, that’s foreplay!
  • Dancing in the living room. Yup, foreplay.
  • Telling your partner why you’re attracted to them. That’s foreplay.
  • Sexting or flirting on the phone even if you’re in the same room.
  • Cuddling together
  • Kissing. When is the last time you made out without it needing to lead to sex?
  • Cooking together
  • Giving a massage
  • Orgasmic meditation. A bit out there, but still foreplay and not sex.
  • Fellatio, cunnilingus. It’s not the be-all and end-all, but yes this is very good foreplay.

While all the foreplay mentioned above might differ from what you thought of as foreplay, they all share one fundamental characteristic – they all involve spending quality time together.

It’s all about sending the right message.

A date, for example, says you want to spend time with your partner without any distractions. Cuddling shows intimacy and a need to be close to your partner.

Don’t get me wrong, foreplay can and must also be a prelude to sex, but foreplay also needs to be a standalone attraction and not only associated with sex.

Who needs foreplay?

Everyone. I speak to many people who tend to overshare their sexual desires and past experiences; my profession makes sure of this (I sell adult toys to clarify), including strangers, friends, and, unfortunately, family.

The single most memorable and consistently mentioned memory I hear is of a partner giving them oral sex without expecting anything in return afterwards – young and old alike.

So, if your foreplay is lacking, know that you deserve more and better. Let’s look at what you can do to improve that.

How can you improve foreplay?

Flirt – go back to the memory of when you first met and think about how you used to flirt. Bring a bit of that back into the relationship.

Dress sexy – make an effort to look good, even if it’s around the house.

Talk about sex or something erotic – this can be a tough one for some people, but being open about your erogenous zones or “hot spots” can open many doors. As much as a lack of communication can be a killer in a relationship, good communication can seriously improve things.

Make out – kiss without having it go to sex immediately. If you don’t know how to start this again, use your morning kiss to linger a bit longer or kiss them twice and remember to soften those lips.

Buy them a naughty gift – you should know more or less what your partner likes, and if you don’t know, ask. You can consider getting them some sexy lingerie, body candles or a sex toy they can use by themselves and together with you.

Spend time together – you don’t need to be extravagant, a date night at home with phones off works equally well as a romantic weekend away. The key here is that you devote time to each other without any distractions or interference.

Surprise your partner with something sexy – get some sexy lingerie, light up some candles, switch off the lights and open a bottle of wine. Take a nice long bath together.

I love sex as much as the next person, don’t get me wrong, but sex without foreplay is like only watching the endings of movies or only reading the last page of a book.

You need context! It’s good to shake things up now and then, irrespective if you’re in a new relationship or have been married for forty years. Foreplay is just the way to do that and so much more.



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Sagittarius Women – 4 Interesting Facts About Them

Sagittarians are people born between November 22 and December 21. They are strong, spontaneous, fierce and high on life! They are always up for an adventure and hate being confined to a routine. They have an optimistic approach to life and are always looking on the bright side of things.

About Sagittarius women, they are active and enthusiastic human beings, who like to explore new things everyday and can turn any day into an adventure.They are free-spirited and independent individuals who know how to care for themselves.

Here are four facts about Sagittarius women.

Sagittarius women are private and secretive, and don’t believe in constantly updating other people about their life events and tend to keep a low profile. They don’t get the concept of letting people know about what’s happening in their life.

Sagittarius women are go-getters when it comes to their professional life, and have a knack for enjoying what they do. They do their job with utmost sincerity and dedication and will never let their superiors down.

Sagittarius women are short-tempered, and they get irritated easily and usually, have little to no patience. They can say things they don’t mean, in anger and can drive away some of their friends because of this habit. They usually do calm down almost instantly after a fight and don’t keep grudges.

Sagittarius women are blessed with a good sense of humour. They are effortlessly charming and witty and instantly light up any room with their sarcasm! They are also deep-thinkers who are sensitive and emotional by nature and tend to use humour to hide their vulnerability.


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Nigeria Needs Millions Of Condoms For Its Adult Population

A new report has it that Nigeria needs additional 564 million condoms annually to adequately provide for 90 per cent of its adult population.

The report is titled ‘Condom accessibility and use in Nigeria’. It’s based on a survey produced by NOIpolls, in partnership with the National Agency for the Control of AIDS (NACA) and AIDS HealthCare Foundation (AHF).

The report which was released to mark the International Condom Day (ICD), that is observed annually on February 13 through Valentine’s Day, February 14, to promote safer sex awareness, by encouraging people to use condoms.

In a statement on Saturday, the Program Manager of AHF, Mr. Taofeek Adeleye, said a total of 1.15 billion condoms will help the country to achieve 90 per cent coverage, but only 587million condoms are currently available for usage in the country.

He stated: “The gap between current condom use, 587million, and total need, 1.15 billion, to achieve ninety per cent coverage is 564 million condoms annually.

“The condom gap shows disparity across the target populations. FSW has the lowest (10 per cent) unmet needs, with improvement among MSM (57 per cent), and individuals with multiple partners (55 per cent) Zero-discordant couples record the widest gap of 90 per cent.”

Mr. Adeleye expressed the fact that male condoms are readily available than female condoms.

We also have some females that are not even aware of female condoms. As an organisation, we are looking at issues around male and female condoms, and we are also intensifying on condom education promotion,” he added.

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A Doctor Has Disclosed How Long S3x Should Last

Have you ever imagined why the s3x scenes in a movie last longer than you thought and you wonder “Where do they get the stamina to go at it for so long?”

Well, Dr Ali, a US medical doctor, has finally set the record straight when she was asked the question: “How long should sex last?”

Dr. Ali who specialises in women’s health, has over a million TikTok followers due to her kooky, extrovert personality.

Dr. AliIn a video posted on her account, she answered the question after some research works.

She said: “The other day, I uploaded a video on how long s3x should last? There was a lot of comments on there saying it didn’t apply to same s3x couple.

“The study i shared on that video were all done on heteros3xual couples, but I found some studies on same s3x couples.

“Across the board the studies show that same s3x couples have longer s3xual experience than heteros3xual couples.”

” Ina study done in 2013, it demonstrated that women who have s3x with women have a s3xual encounters that average a time of 57 minutes. Which is significantly different that the heteros3xual couples who average 7 – 13 minutes.

The reason is that same s3x couples use oral s3x and forepl*y more frequently than heteros3xual couples,” she added.

She continued: “Longer time with forepl*y means more time to get fully aroused and ultimately increased likelihood of reaching climax.”

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Five Mistakes To Avoid In A Relationship

Being in a relationship is something soothing and interesting especially when the love birds are really in love.

Apparently, it could turn out to be worst moment in once’s life based on the type of person you’re in a relationship with.

Relationship could be complicated as assumed by some, and which may not be far from the reality, but the success of the relationship depends on both parties attitudes towards it.

We all make mistakes but in relationship, there are some mistakes that could ruin a relationship especially if commitment and trust are no where in it.

Avoid these mistakes in your relationship

One of the worst mistakes in a relationship is for you to pretend to be what you’re not. Your pretence can mislead your partner to take you for what you’re not.
Somebody that’s in love with you, of course, wants to see the real you and not the fake you. Any relationship built on lies is bound to fail.
In relationship, you can’t be a liar and be impressive, maybe for awhile, but with time when the truth prevails you will have your face to hide.

Reflect on Past
One thing you need to do to make a successful relationship is to forget your past. Reflecting on your past most time or all the times could create a wound for your present relationship. Your past is gone, so let go and move on.
No doubt, it may help you in some ways, but you need not to bring up anything about your past relationship.
Like nobody will love to hear about how you broke up with your ex or your ex used to do this or that.
Talking about your past or doing comparison with your past could ruin your relationship, and could put off your partner.

Don’t be too possessed in your relationship. Possession could destroy your relationship, and turns you to be a disturbing person. You can’t be possessed and trust your partner. What are you looking for when you snoop through your partner’s phone? or how do you comport yourself if your partner fails to show up or late to an event. Your possession could be seen as jealousness, and soon you will become a problem for your partner.

Majorly, it could be that you consummate with somebody mistakenly or intentionally, but it talks more about your attitude towards the relationship. Cheating by flirting around is a stone on a relationship glass, which could be hard to resolve. Doing what’s not right behind your partner could bring mistrust into a relationship, and where’s the respect if you devote your attention to someone else instead of your partner.

When you’re too conservative, you ruin many things without your knowledge, because you’re not willing to give, so you can’t take either. A situation whereby you are too conservative in a relationship without speaking out then many things could go wrong that will destroy the relationship. I’m not saying you should nag at every situation, you need to talk it out with your partner when things go wrong.


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See What A Lady Did After Getting A Car As Gift From Her Partner

The lady named Nomangesi Khende from South Africa got a big surprise of her life today as she received a car as a gift from her partner.

The lady who took to Instagram to celebrate his partner and voiced out reaction to the gift she just received.

She said: “I am in awe! This man goes above and beyond to make me happy and make my life easy.

“I cannot begin to explain how ridiculously blessed I am to have him as a partner, and no words would ever be enough to express my gratitude! I love you so much.”

“Thank you so much baby, omg!” – she exclaimed

Her happiness is very clear from the display in the clip.



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