Cardi B Strips For INTERVIEW Magazine March Edition

Belcalis Marlenis Almánzar, known as Cardi B, was born in Manhattan but grew up in the Bronx, New York City. Her rise to superstardom is as result of grit, hustle, and the unapologetic nerve to just be herself.

Cardi B has been scheduled to be on the cover of INTERVIEW magazine March edition tagged ‘March cover star’

In the sample picture, Cardi strips naked and barely cover her boobs and private parts with her hands wearing a pair of golden-colored high-heeled Balenciaga boots.

The 28-year-old star, who also had an interview session with Mariah Carey, expressed her satisfaction over the interview.

She said:”I know I said a lot of curse word and talk a little too spicy in my Interview with INTERVIEW magazine with Mariah Carey but I can’t help it she made me feel comfortable. I didn’t felt like I was doing a robot interview I felt like I was a having a real conversation.”

She confessed to being nervous at the beginning of the interview, but that Mariah Carey is an understanding person which made her talked for hours.

We know The artist Mariah Carey, the diva, the record breaking, the glamorous artist. I was alil nervous at first but she don’t come off as that she comes of as a real ass bitch that you can talk for hours cause she so understanding more then just a celebrity a Me & YOU,” she stated.

The music icon explained that interview was a conversion of a real story with a real woman.

She said: “It didn’t felt like a interview it felt like a deep ass conversation that you have with a real woman with a real life story. Like you can feel the New York energy.I felt so comfortable we kept talking and talking and talking.”

The award winning singer described herself as a ‘strip club Mariah Carey’ because she takes Carey as her role model.

On my mixtape I said “ I’m like the strip club Mariah Carey, The Dominican Halle Berry,hair be layed , bills be pay still put bread on my Nikkas commissary. I always look up to people & im not going to limit on who should I talk to cause of drama that ain’t got shit to do wit me,” she added.

Cardi B, who was a stripper at the age of 18 and became a reality star by the time she was 23, and won a Grammy, broken five Guinness World Records within a short time in her career.

She has put finishing touches on her highly anticipated sophomore album.








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