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Burna Boy: It’s hypocritical that weeds is not legalized in Nigeria as everyone smokes

Popular Nigerian music star, Burna Boy has said that hypocrisy is why marijuana is yet to be legalized in Nigeria.

Marijuana (called weed) is still illegal in Nigeria, although this hasn’t stopped its consumption by some people in the country especially in the entertainment industry.

Burna Boy during a conversation with Home Grown Radio in Los Angeles, explained that everyone smokes weed in Nigeria but does not want to be seen with it.

The Grammy award-winning singer stated that misconception around weed is another reason it has not been legalized in Nigeria.

According to him, legalizing Marijuana is just a topic no one wants to talk about, yet many smoke it.

When asked about legalizing weed in Nigeria, Burna said: “It’s not a zero- tolerance. It’s like everybody does it, but no one wants to be the one that is seen talking about it. It’s just kind of hypocritical out there.

They try to make it seem like if you smoke weed you’ll just go mad in Nigeria. Everybody smokes it, it’s just a topic no one wants to talk about”.

No one wants to talk about it; everybody is cool. Nobody wants to make it a thing to advocate for legalization of weed,” he added.

Burna Boy noted that he loves visiting Los Angeles because weed is free, and one can get the best in the city.

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Alexx Ekubo’s Wedding With Fancy Acholonu Cancelled

The announced and much-awaited wedding between Nollywood actor, Alexx Ekubo, and his fiancee, Fancy Acholonu, has been cancelled.

The cancellation was announced by Fancy through her Instagram to inform that she has ended her relationship with Alexx.

Fancy wrote: “Hey guys, I am writing to inform you officially that I have ended my relationship, engagement, and I have called off the wedding with Alexx Ekubo.”

She stated that it would be a surprise to many people but she took the decision by herself because of their happiness and to live in their truth.

I am aware that this may be a shock to many people. I made the best decision for myself, because it is important that everyone finds their happiness and live in their truth. At this time, my family and I ask for you all to please respect our privacy. Thank you so such!” she said.

Fancy Acholonu had been reported to have unfollow her fiance, Alexx Ekubo, on Instagram and deleted all the pictures they took together.

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A report from a close source indicated that Fancy called off the wedding because she caught Alexx pant down with another person, but the source could not reveal the sex of the person.

In 2019, Alexx Ekubo was accused by fans that he was a gay and was involved in a relationship with a fellow actor, Uti Nwachukwu.

The duo announced their wedding on Instagram on the 10th May, 2021, which showed that their traditional wedding would hold on Saturday, 20th November, 2021 in Imo State, while the white wedding would hold on Saturday, 27th November, 2021.

The real reason for the break up is yet to be revealed but it will be unveiled as time goes on.



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The British Comedian, Sean Lock, Is Dead

The famous British comedian, Sean Lock, has died of cancer at the age of 58 years.

His agent, Off the Kerb Productions, confirming the news of his death said: “Lock died at home surrounded by his family.

“Sean was one of Britain’s finest comedians, his boundless creativity, lightning wit and the absurdist brilliance of his work marked him out as a unique voice in British comedy. Sean was also a cherished husband and father to three children. Sean will be sorely missed by all that knew him.”

Lock, who was born in Woking, Surrey, left school in the early 1980s and began working on building sites. Thereafter, he developed skin cancer as a result of overexposure to the sun.

After a period of travelling, which remained one of his great passions, he started his career in comedy.

His first professional TV appearance was in 1993, where he starred alongside Rob Newman and David Baddiel on their TV show ‘Newman and Baddiel in Pieces’.

In 1998, Lock script-edited the BBC Two series ‘Is It Bill Bailey?’, and from there had his own show on BBC Radio 4 – ’15 Minutes of Misery’.

The show was later expanded into 15 Storeys High, and was set in a south London tower block which centred on a pessimistic lifeguard called Vince, played by Lock, and his flatmate Errol, played by Benedict Wong.

Lock was a regular team captain in 2005 on ‘8 Out of 10 Cats’, a role he held for 18 series.

Between the year 2006 and 2007, he hosted the Channel 4 series -TV Heaven and Telly Hell, where celebrities were invited to share their own selection of TV’s triumphs and tragedies.

Lock also appeared on panel shows like ‘Have I Got News for You’, QI and ‘They Think It’s All Over’. Also, in 2000 he won the laurel for best standup at the British Comedy awards.

Meanwhile, friends, colleagues and fans have paid their tributes to lock:-

Harry Hill said: “If you tell jokes for a living it’s hard to enjoy a comedian in the same way that a punter would, because you know all the tricks, you can see where a gag is going and often arrive at the punchline long before the comic telling it. Not so with Sean, that’s why we comics loved him. Often I had absolutely no idea where he was heading with a routine.”

Bill Bailey expressed: “Lock was as “brilliantly funny” off the stage as on, and that their daft conversations would leave him “helpless with laughter”. Bailey described him as a kind and generous man who was rigorous in his approach to writing comedy. In a writers’ room, said Bailey, Lock “spurred you on to find a better joke, a new line, the sweet spot of a perfect gag”. When the results worked, Lock would let out a “great gale of laughter.”

Lee Mack, also paid tribute to Lock: “I think the appeal of him as a viewer was that it felt like you were with your mate down the pub and he was making you laugh. I was one of the lucky few that was that mate down the pub and he was making me laugh. A lot. More than almost anyone I’ve ever known.

“Lock could talk about putting a budgie up his bum and yet levitate it into a hilarious artform.”

Diane Morgan wrote: “Lock was one of “the funniest people I’ve ever met” and described the 15 Storeys High show as “absolute genius”.”

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Rita Dominic: I Became A Producer After Being Blacklisted

The Nollywood actress and producer, Rita Dominic, has stated that she became a producer after being blacklisted in the industry.

The actress made the revelation when she was hosted on the Phantom Xtraordinaire Show by the former BBNaija contestant, Tobi Bakre.

Recounting the challenges in her career, she said: “At some point in my career, I wanted to evolve and do different things. But the people I used to work with then couldn’t be bothered, so I wasn’t getting work. I was blacklisted silently.

“Back then, there was a major blacklisting (of some actors). However, mine was silent. That was actually one of the things that made me start producing movies.”

The celebrity actress also explained that she has interest in exploring other aspects of filmmaking in addition to acting.

She said: “I am still acting but I always knew I would go behind the cameras and produce my own films. I have always been interested in different aspects of filmmaking.

“So, when it was time to form a production company, it was no-brainer because it was something I had planned to do.”

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Naomi Campbell Applauded By South Africans Over Words to Zuma

The iconic supermodel, actress and businesswoman, Naomi Campbell, has been applauded by South Africans for her words to former South African President, Jacob Zuma.

Her words which she released, through her social media handle, in the form of open letter to the former president read: “Dear Former President Jacob Zuma. This isn’t the South Africa I remember and that millions of South African’s fought for. The South Africa that overcame Apartheid , showed the world that change was possible. Led the battle in the fight against HIV/AIDS and has weathered countless efforts to undermine the new South Africa.”

The letter is coming after a recent violent civil unrest and looting in Gauteng and KwaZulu-Natal, orchestrated by Zuma’s sympathizers calling for his released from jail following his incarceration.

She continued: “I have watched how over the last few years you have protested your innocence at the allegations tabled against you of corruption and allowing mass State Capture.

“I have seen you got out of your way to avoid having to deal with these matters in court and avoid a Commission set up to investigate State Capture.

“You have talked of the rule of law and the South African constitution being something that should apply to everyone. Yet you defied the courts and were sentenced 15 months in prison.

“Now upon your incarceration, a group of protests under the #Freezuma banner broke out igniting the worst violence and criminality South Africa has seen since the end of apartheid.”

She condemned the protest staged by Zuma’s supporters as lives and properties have been lost, and millions of citizens affected.

“These actions not only saw hundreds lose their lives and property be destroyed. But it affects will now be felt by many millions more.

“This affects the millions of hard working and peaceful South Africans many whom have suffered over the last year because of Covid.”

The actress expressed that if the former president, Jacob Zuma, considered himself a leader, he should behave like one.

“Each day you defy the courts and stoke division you take a step backwards from Madiba’s vision for South Africa to prosper and for their not only be equitable political justice but also economic justice.

“If you still consider yourself a leader then please act and take responsibility like one.

“Agree to finish your appearance in front of the State Capture commission and equally you will have your days in court to contest the corruption charges alleged against you. Put the Nation first, PEACE IN SOUTHAFRICA.”

Naomi has never hidden her love for South Africa, as she has been speaking openly about it, and her close relationship with former president, Nelson Mandela.

Mandela had also referred to the 51-year-old supermodel as his “honorary granddaughter” at their first meeting in 1994.

According to a local media, Naomi co-hosted the “Global Citizen Festival: Mandela 100” in Johannesburg, in 2018 which featured stars like Beyoncé, Jay-Z, Ed Sheeran, Chris Martin, Tiwa Savage and Cassper Nyovest.

Some of the comments applauding her via Twitter are as below:

Naomi Campbell, on behalf of all South Africans, we love you. Stay winning Queen👑 @NaomiCampbell

— The Great Venda (@JustJamal_) July 31, 2021

“Naomi Campbell is us and we are Naomi. We see you!! ✊🏾✊🏾👌🏽.”

— Keabetswe 👣🇿🇦🏳️‍🌈 (@KBmanyobe) July 31, 2021

“Thank you, Naomi Campbell, for speaking the truth.

Former president Jacob Zuma was only interested in avoiding the courts, building a palace for his family and allowing the Gupta family access to state resources through his cabinet.

He’s the worst president in democratic SA.”

— Jimmy Ramokgopa (@JimmyRamokgopa) July 31, 2021

“No amount of tweeting and propaganda will erase the embarrassing legacy of theft, lawlessness and incompetence that Zuma left behind. It’s staring at us all’s faces. Naomi Campbell is on point and no amount of insulting her will change it.”

— Zambala (@maghangeni) July 31, 2021

“💯💯👍 I reckon Naomi Campbell showed more leadership in one post than our entire bumbling cabinet has.

— One Nation SA – Corruption Buster (@OneNation70290) July 31, 2021.”

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Dr.P: I’m Richer Now Than In PSquare

One of the twin brothers of the defunct group, PSquare, Peter Okoye, has claimed that he’s making more money now than when in PSquare.

He wrote: “Team P! What were they thinking? That I wasn’t going to survive Alone? They just can’t stand the fact that I am Richer now and doing well for myself. Pained!”

Dr.P, who just received honorary Doctor of Art from the Escae-Benin University, took to his to his official Instagram page to reprimand his critics who believed that he would fail after leaving the group.

He posted: “And this post is for them and them alone! Just Watch them referring this post to my family as usual! Odes! Watch them start preaching!

“Like I said! Haters pls comment and identify yourself on this post and my management will separate you out from my true fans. The Blocking also includes the people that liked and support the comment!

“You must not like my doings! So, feel free to unfollow and unlike this my page! Or better still identify yourself so we can Block you!

The dancing musician has declared himself richer now than he was in Psquare as he doesn’t share his income with his twin and elder brother.

The group, PSquare, broke off in 2017 when Peter (Dr. P) decided to go solo and he insisted of being the best decision in his life in the Facebook rant where he threatened to block anybody that criticize him henceforth.

He dropped his new album in April this year, which has been receiving minimal airplay.

Also, his twin brother, Paul, has made an announcement of his new album claimed to be released soon.

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