Alex Usifo Celebrates Birthday With A Message

The legendary actor in the Nigerian movie industry, Alex Usifo, is celebrating his birthday with a message to his fans and colleagues.

The actor took to his Instagram account to share his birthday merriment with his fans and colleagues worldwide.

In his birthday statement, he firstly appreciated his fans all over the world and prayed for them too.

He said: ” I would like to seize this opportunity to my birthday anniversary to express my profound appreciation to my fans all over the world for the role you have played in my life as an actor. I pray that you and your generation, even yet unborn, shall be celebrated.”

The actor then introduced a platform ‘Under the Microscope’ to his fans, and explained that it’s a channel through which issues that critically affect humanity will be discussed.

Let me introduce my special platform to you which will be captioned “Under the Microscope”. It is a channel through which you and I will be examining issues that critically affect us as a people.

“We shall make objective appraisals and even our subjectivity will be logical. It will be highly cerebral. This means emotional write-ups will not be accommodated whether from me or from contributors. It will be an all-inclusive platform,” he wrote.

“I cannot guarantee frequency in coming up with write-ups since my metier is still movie-making, but it will certainly not go dry. All facets of life will be covered so it will be worth its weight in gold,” he added.

The movie star pointed out the mistake fans and colleagues are making in the pronunciation and spelling of his name as ‘Osifo’ instead of ‘Usifo’.

He said: “Worth pointing out is the mistake people, including the press and even most of my colleagues, make. My name is Alex Usifo – not Alex Osifo (Usifo not Osifo).”

He also emphasized that he has a PhD certificate from Babcock University and not an honorary, so, he should be addressed Dr. Alex Usifo.

For the record. I have a PhD in Information Resources Management (IRM) from Babcock University, Ilishan-Remo, Ogun State. I graduated in 2016, so I am actually Dr. Alex Usifo. It took me five good years of academic rigour to earn this, it is not honorary,” he said.

He stated that scammers have circulated wrong information about him, which has affected his followership as he keeps changing his social media account.

Scammers too have been having fun churning out wrong information about me. This has negatively affected my followership because I keep changing my Instagram handles and starting afresh,” he said.

One of the implications of this is that my handles never get validated. I sincerely hope this statement will correct such misrepresentation and dishonesty,” he added.


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