A Widow Raped And Injured; A 13-year-old Raped And Murdered

INDIA: a middle-aged widow had been raped by four men who then inserted an iron rod into her private parts in Sidhi district, while a 13-year-old girl was allegedly raped by a grocery trader, who then murdered her in Khandwa district.

The middle-aged widow, 48-year-old, was raped by a man with the help of three others in the Amiliya area of Sidhi district.

The middle-aged woman was said to have lost her husband four years ago lives alone while her two sons work in Gujarat.

She makes a living with her tea-shop in a hut at a desolate place near the highway in the Sidhi district.

It was reported that four men, from a neighbouring village, came to her place with an excuse of having drinking water late on Saturday night.

They took advantage of her living alone, as one of them allegedly raped her while the other three assisted in the crime. The suspects also put an iron rod in the woman’s private parts after enjoying her.

Police were informed and they rushed the woman to the Sidhi district hospital from where she was referred by the doctors to Sanjay Gandhi Medical College in Rewa district, where she is now receiving treatment.

According to a local media, New Indian Express, the Sidhi district SP, Pankaj Kumawat, said that all the men have been arrested and have been booked to appear in court on Tuesday, while the authorities will bear the entire expenses of the woman’s medical treatment,

Also, compensation has been made to her family from the Red Cross while will be given to her by the government under the state government’s victim compensation scheme – Pankaj Kumawat said

In the other incident, it was reported that the 13-year-old girl went to buy packet of biscuits at 45-year-old grocery trader’s shop, where she was raped by the trader. In order to avoid prosecution, the trader strangled her to death as a cover up.

According to police sources, the grocery trader packed her body in a bag with the help of his wife. Unfortunately, they were spotted by a neighbour who alerted the girl’s family who rushed to the scene only to find her dead body, as the suspect and his wife had fled the scene.

Police said that they have arrested the trader, but his wife is still at large.

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