A Doctor Has Disclosed How Long S3x Should Last

Have you ever imagined why the s3x scenes in a movie last longer than you thought and you wonder “Where do they get the stamina to go at it for so long?”

Well, Dr Ali, a US medical doctor, has finally set the record straight when she was asked the question: “How long should sex last?”

Dr. Ali who specialises in women’s health, has over a million TikTok followers due to her kooky, extrovert personality.

Dr. AliIn a video posted on her account, she answered the question after some research works.

She said: “The other day, I uploaded a video on how long s3x should last? There was a lot of comments on there saying it didn’t apply to same s3x couple.

“The study i shared on that video were all done on heteros3xual couples, but I found some studies on same s3x couples.

“Across the board the studies show that same s3x couples have longer s3xual experience than heteros3xual couples.”

” Ina study done in 2013, it demonstrated that women who have s3x with women have a s3xual encounters that average a time of 57 minutes. Which is significantly different that the heteros3xual couples who average 7 – 13 minutes.

The reason is that same s3x couples use oral s3x and forepl*y more frequently than heteros3xual couples,” she added.

She continued: “Longer time with forepl*y means more time to get fully aroused and ultimately increased likelihood of reaching climax.”

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